Why Rhino Shield?


You have spent considerable time and money making your business successful.  But what about the building that houses your business?  Its physical appearance affects your company image with customers and employees.  Frequent exterior maintenance is expensive, time consuming, inconvenient and can interrupt day-to-day operations.

Rhino Shield offers a permanent solution to exterior and interior wall coating maintenance.

Rhino Shield is ideal for:

  • • Retail
  • • Multi-Unit Residential
  • • Hotels
  • • Professional Buildings
  • • Places of Worship
  • • Warehouses
  • • Roofs

Rhino Shield dealers are experienced with commercial building installations.  We understand the complexities of the commercial market including minimizing business interruption.  On large projects we can perform installation work during off hours at night.  Our dealers carry all the required liability and indemnity insurance and have excellent commercial references to share.   Our professional Dealer Network will work with you to create a unique installation plan and look for your business.  Contact your local Dealer today.