Northwest Florida Rhino Shield Dealer Sees Big Growth After Adding Floor Shield

Northwest Florida Rhino Shield

Destin, FL (March 24, 2023) Matt Williams has been selling in the home improvement business for nearly 40 years, learning a thing or two about how to build a successful business. He says it all depends on the quality of products and the satisfaction of your customer.

AmCoat’s Rhino Shield is a long-lasting elastomeric ceramic coating with 25 years of proven excellence in the field. Its formula has been updated and refined over the years, each time increasing its high-performance characteristics. Recently acquired by One In A Row Ventures, AmCoat has been making great strides in creating demand for its popular ultra-performance Rhino Shield® and Floor Shield™ products.

After being involved in the startup of AmCoat in the early 2000s, Williams’ entrepreneur spirit began to nudge him. He left AmCoat and started three different home improvement businesses.

Fast forward to 2020. AmCoat had grown immensely and with a major increase in demand from customers, they wanted Williams back to take over a dealership.

“AmCoat came calling and asked if I would take over the Northwest Florida dealership,” said Williams. “Pensacola, Florida to Blountstown, Florida. Sounded pretty good to a boy from Michigan.”

In March of 2020, Williams became a Rhino Shield dealer.

“AmCoat had grown into a powerhouse,” said Williams. “The support they are able to offer to dealers is second to none. I had everything I needed to make the dealership a great success.”

Halfway through 2021 and after much success with Rhino Shield, AmCoat offered Williams the Floor Shield dealership for the same market.

Northwest florida rhino shield

“Of course, I said yes,” said Williams. “With amazing support from AmCoat I took the ball and started running. In first 5 months of 2022 we did $600,000 in floors!”

That led to a great 2022 finish for William’s dealership — $2.2 million in gross revenue for Rhino Shield and Floor Shield residential and commercial jobs.

“These are such great products,” said Williams. “Rhino Shield is amazing, and it’s time tested. We did my brother-in-law’s home in Michigan 20 year ago and it’s still the nicest looking home on the block. And Floor Shield is a high-performance floor coating that does the same thing for floors that Rhino Shield does for the exterior of a home.”

All of Williams’ employees are cross-trained on both products so they can easily see opportunities that can help a homeowner protect floors or exterior walls or both.

“We were recently working with a customer who wanted to Rhino Shield the exterior of their home and we were able to show them how they could enhance their outdoor areas with Floor Shield,” said Williams. “It was a big residential job that turned into an even bigger job with higher customer satisfaction. We added 4,000 square feet of Floor Shield to 21,000 square feet of Rhino Shield and the customer couldn’t be happier.”

Williams credits his team for his success in Northwest Florida.

“Our head of marketing, Brook Williams, is our MVP,” said Williams. “She’s helped build this company from the ground up. And my daughter Paige Elliott is running the floor business — and she’s just killing it. I’m so proud to have them by my side.”

Very involved in the community, Williams says giving back has made their company even stronger. From sponsoring local high schools to helping a Fort Walton Beach homeless shelter renew its floors with Floor Shield at no cost, part of their mission is to give back to the community.

“We build trust in our community by investing right here where we live and work,” said Williams. “We lift our community up and we get lifted up — when the community is stronger, we’re stronger.”

AmCoat is veteran owned and its products are made in the USA. AmCoat is expanding its Rhino Shield dealer distribution network to Minneapolis, Las Vegas, Seattle, Portland, Salt Lake City, New York City, Omaha, Buffalo, Rochester, Los Angeles, Boise, Baltimore, Richmond and more. Entrepreneurs in those areas who are interested in learning more about starting up a Rhino Shield dealership should email or call (850) 424-6805.


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AmCoat Industrial manufactures high performance coatings for walls, roofs, floors and specialty industrial applications. AmCoat is home to some of the most recognized brands in the U.S., including the popular Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating and Floor Shield concrete floor coating products. Through a network of independent dealers, AmCoat distributes its products nationally and internationally, coating thousands of homes, buildings and commercial and industrial applications. You can find AmCoat, Rhino Shield and Floor Shield on Facebook and at

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Rhino Shield is a ceramic elastomeric wall coating is distributed through a nationwide network of dealer contractors who market, sell and install Rhino Shield in their geographies. Rhino Shield has been installed in more than 75,000 homes and buildings across the U.S. and in several international markets. Rhino Shield is manufactured in the U.S.A. For more information, see

Floor Shield is AmCoat’s 100 percent polyaspartic concrete floor coating — a newer technology that features rapid curing at a wide range of surface temperatures, bubble-free surfaces, high temperature and abrasion resistance and high solids content which means low to no VOCs during application. Floor Shield is manufactured in the U.S.A. For more information, See

Rhino Shield and Floor Shield dealerships are highly profitable, self-sustaining, and many of its Rhino Shield dealers have been with AmCoat for more than 10 years.