Super Shield Roof Coating: For Sloped And Flat Roofs


Our premier Super Shield roof coating is Rhino Shield's self-priming ceramic elastomeric roof coating. This product is perfect for use on sloped roofs in residential and commercial applications. The high build design is ideal for one coat coverage and protection. Formulated with a high resin load, our Super Shield roof coating offers superior adhesion without the need for a separate primer. Ceramic microspheres and titanium formulate this coating with unmatched reflectivity and thermal insulation.

Super Shield roof coating is designed to form a thick, rubber-like membrane that helps seal out water while expanding and contracting with temperature changes and building movement. Along with excellent tensile strength, it will extend the life of any roof. Like our other exterior painting alternatives, the beautiful solid finish helps resist mildew and algae. The Super Shield roof coating is an inexpensive alternative to re-roofing and will help you save on cooling costs. Super Shield may be tinted with Cool Colors™ technology, boosting the solar reflective benefits and resisting fading while giving your roof some style.

Uses & More

Rhino Shield's Super Shield roof coating is ideal for most sloped roofing surfaces. It provides excellent adhesion to concrete, asphalt, primed metal, clay tile, masonry tile, bonded roof gravel, bitumen membranes, aluminum, Styrofoam, slate, and various other roofing substrates. However, this coating is not for areas prone to ponding water.

Super Shield - Flat Roof Coating System

Rhino Shield's flat roof system is a bright white elastomeric roof coating offering substantial water resistance and insulation benefits with excellent flexibility and tensile strength. It is specially formulated for the demands of a minimally sloped roof (no ponding water). The system is a 2-step process that starts with our roof primer, a highly adhesive primer that adheres to virtually any roof material. Then we apply our flat roof system, which is a ceramic acrylic elastomeric coating that is applied twice to create a 14 mil (DFT) barrier of leak protection and mold resistance. Also available is a zero slope roof system. Our flat roof system's ceramic formula offers substantial water resistance and insulation benefits, forming a thick, rubber-like membrane with excellent flexibility and tensile strength. Easy to apply, this roof coating extends the life of the roof, is cheaper than re-roofing, helps with leak protection, and is mold-resistant.

Uses & More

Recommend for well-drained sloped roofs (minimum of one-inch slope per two feet length). Roofs with ponding water require those areas to be treated with a zero slope roof system. Ideal for use with asphalt, tile, aluminum, steel, copper, plywood, shakes, Styrofoam, concrete, and clay.