Interior Coating - Nature Cote Is A High-Performance Interior Paint Using Rhino Shield Technology

Natures Cote Ceramic Indoor Paint

Nature Cote interior coating is Rhino Shield's high-performance ceramic paint designed for use on the interior of homes and businesses alike. Formulated with ceramic spheres and fillers, Nature Cote's durability is unmatched compared to other, more traditional paints on the market in regard to abrasion resistance. This Nature Cote interior coating is water-based with low to zero VOCs, making it a non-toxic alternative to other interior paints. This product also has proven insulating and sound blocking benefits as well as high stain and dirt resistance. Due to the high ceramic solids and titanium dioxide, Nature Cote interior coatings provide a beautiful finish, making your selected color richer and more vibrant.

When you're on the lookout for an interior paint alternative that will offer all of the aforementioned benefits and more, it's smart to choose Rhino Shield. We don't just specialize in exterior painting and roof coating solutions- we care about your home and business interiors, too. Premium protection. Coated in quality. Experience the Rhino Shield difference.

Uses & More

Nature Cote interior coatings can be utilized on interior walls, trim, and ceilings, as well as on other interior surfaces such as plaster, wallboard, drywall, wood, concrete, brick, wallpaper, primer metal, and paneling.