Ceramic Elastomeric Top Coats - The Signature Rhino Shield Coating System

Ceramic Elastomeric Top Coats

As Rhino Shield's signature system, our Durable Finish Coat is Engineered to outlast paint and formulated to outlast the elements that are constantly attacking your home's coating. This coating is used in our 2-coat or 3-coat systems and excels in most conditions and climates. Comprised of compact, variable-sized ceramic microspheres, the DFC's benefits are unmatched. Durable Finish Coats are a 100% acrylic waterborne, latex-based, high build formula that exceeds Federal Wind Driven Rain specifications. DFC's also reduce the temperature of exterior walls, compared to traditional exterior paint products. DFC's beautify and protect every surface it is applied to, making it the superior alternative to conventional exterior painting methods.

Our innovative technology combines elastomeric acrylic resin with urethane resin, resulting in an elastic film that expands and contracts with hot and cold temperatures while also providing excellent impact and chemical resistance. Durable Finish Coats exceed all relevant industry standards, making them the best choice for use in any situation. DFC forms a thick rubber-like ceramic shield of protection that becomes part of the substrate when paired with the APS primer due to excellent adhesion and bonding. Rhino Shield's Durable Finish Coat offers superior mildew and corrosion resistance. Furthermore, DFC offers insulation and an added sound resistance, excellent adhesion, ultraviolet ray reflectivity, and a beautiful finish. As the cherry on top, our Durable Finish Coat can be tinted to virtually any color, giving you the freedom to make creative choices for your property.

Uses & More

Rhino Shield's Durable Finish Coat is ideal for most climates and substrates and may be used for residential and commercial purposes alike. Applications include: wood, metal, brick, stucco, HardiePlank®, etc.

Matte Finish

DFCs can be manipulated to create a beautiful matte finish for any project you have. Your home or business will surely stand out with an exterior coating that looks and functions better than any other product on the market.

Satin Finish

Want a more luxurious finish on your building or surface? Rhino Shield's Durable Finish Coat can be applied to dry with a satin finish, giving your exteriors an expensive feel without the price tag.

Original Elastomeric

Original Elastomeric

Our original elastomeric coating technology combines the vibrant colors and look of natural wood with the durability and strength of vinyl. This particular system comes with a number of benefits.

Soft Wood Elastomeric

Soft Wood Elastomeric

You already know Rhino Shield as the premier manufacturer that uses superior ingredients to make superior products. Our Soft Wood Elastomeric is no exception.

Railings And Columns Elastomeric

Railings and Columns Elastomeric

Rhino Shield's Elastomeric Coatings For Railing & Columns is the exterior solution you need for the details of your outdoor living areas.

Ceramic Enamel

Ceramic Enamel

Here at Rhino Shield, we're dedicated to giving your home or business surfaces what they need to stay looking beautiful, no matter what is thrown their way.