Adhesive Primer Sealer (APS) - Formulated To Work Perfectly With Rhino Shield Coatings

Adhesive Primer

Rhino Shield's outstanding adhesive primer sealer has been a cornerstone of our success for over 20 years now. It is totally unique and unlike other primers on the market! It dries to form a sticky, water-tight membrane that penetrates and becomes part of the substrate. Designed to revitalize, strengthen, and prepare surfaces for the application of our Durable Finish Coat and flat roof coatings, it is the best way to ensure your exterior painting job is successful. The bond that is formed between our adhesive primer sealer and the substrate reduces the possibility of moisture under the finish coat and solves most stubborn peeling problems. This means that no matter how humid it is where you live, our adhesive primer sealer will ensure a water resistant layer between your structure and our other products. APS can also be used to fill in hairline fissure cracks in walls and is used in conjunction with the DFC top coat.

Here at Rhino Shield, we take pride in having some of the highest quality primers you can get, from APS to our self-priming coat. No matter what kind of exterior coating need you have for your home or business, our primers will ensure your surfaces are ready to receive the best products we have to offer.

Uses & More

Our adhesive primer sealer is specifically designed to perform in conjunction with Rhino Shield's durable finish coat and our flat roof coating. APS is ideal for residential and commercial exterior painting applications. Our transparent primer may be applied to most substrates including, wood, stucco, Hardie Plank®, brick, metal, concrete, etc.