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Does Rhino Shield Really Work?

January 3rd, 2024 | 6 min. read

By admin

When it comes to protecting your home or business from the harsh elements of the environment, one name that often comes up is Rhino Shield. Along with our nearly 25-year track record, we have:

  • Loyal dealers
  • Transparent ASTM testing
  • Innovative coating technology


With all of this in mind, it's natural to wonder, "Does Rhino Shield actually function as a superior paint?" and “Is there any proof of its efficacy?”


In this article, not only will we answer both questions honestly, but we’ll give you the raw data that backs up our claims.


Rhino Shield Benefits and Technology

Traditional paints are just that, they coat your home with color and provide varying amounts of protection. This is the main reason why it often takes just a few years for most paints to start showing their age, especially in regions with harsh weather.


Rhino Shield, however, gives your home all these attributes:

  • Exceptional breathability - Helps prevent mildewcides, fungicides, and algae.
  • Grade-A fire retardant
  • Water repellence
  • UV resistance
  • Insulation benefits
  • Abrasion resistance
  • An eco-friendly choice


Rhino Shield is formulated with a solid content of 79%, which comprises various key components, including ceramic microspheres. These microspheres are lightweight, allowing for a thicker application that further protects the substrate. What sets Rhino Shield apart is the quality of these microspheres, with low breakage rates, low thermal conductivity, and consistent spherical shape.


This unique design allows the microspheres to pack together tightly, resulting in an exceptionally durable and insulating coating. Traditional latex paints, in contrast, use inexpensive mineral products as fillers, which can't withstand the elements and lead to paint breakdown over time.


Moreover, Rhino Shield's ceramic microspheres reflect harmful solar UV rays, reducing wall surface temperature, and providing a high Solar Reflectance Index (SRI). This leads to energy savings for property owners, making Rhino Shield not only a protective choice but an eco-friendly one.


These microspheres play a crucial role in enhancing the coating's exceptional attributes such as solar reflectivity, durability, and insulation capabilities. The remaining solid components encompass:

  • A self-cross-linking elastomeric core resin.
  • Urethane binders.
  • Superior colorants.
  • Automotive Grade Titanium Dioxide (TiO2).
  • Zinc Oxide.
  • Biocides, which are part of a 3-part package sourced from Dow Chemical.


One notable feature of Rhino Shield is its remarkable thickness, ranging from 8 to 10 times thicker than traditional latex paints. This substantial thickness provides superior protection for the underlying substrate, guarding against abrasion and aiding your home’s insulation.


Importantly, this increased thickness doesn't compromise the visual and tactile aspects of your home's surface materials, ensuring that both wood and metal surfaces retain their aesthetic appeal and texture.


Rhino Shield maintains a strong commitment to ongoing technological advancement. In late 2021, the introduction of a novel, self-cross-linking resin core marked a significant milestone. This resin underwent rigorous testing procedures, both in-house and through third-party laboratories, prior to its integration into the product's portfolio and distribution to authorized dealers for comprehensive field testing.


This unwavering dedication to innovation underscores Rhino Shield's position at the forefront of protective coatings, ensuring that we continue to provide state-of-the-art solutions for our customers.


Transparent ASTM Testing

You don’t just have to take our word for it. There are unbiased experts who have confirmed how the Rhino Shield coating system performs. One key factor that sets Rhino Shield apart is its commitment to transparency in ASTM testing. Here’s a link providing information on how to read ASTM ratings.


Unlike many paint companies that keep their ASTM lab results hidden, we proudly conduct our tests through third-party independent companies.


Fire rating - ASTM E-84 21a

Elongation - ASTM D 2370

Salt Tolerance - ASTM B 117

Tensile strength - ASTM D 2370

Water Swelling - ASTM D 471

Adhesion - ASTM D 4541

Permeance - ASTM D 1653

Wind Drive Rain Resistance - ASTM D 6904 03(22)


We test the coatings as a system, with both the primer and topcoat, which is how they are applied in the field.


How Long Does Rhino Shield Last?

One of the most compelling aspects of Rhino Shield is its longevity. Buildings and homes with Rhino Shield applications have been standing strong for over two decades, even in challenging environments like those near saltwater with high UV exposure. Here’s a look at some video testimonials from real customers.


This remarkable endurance is a testament to the product's ability to maintain a pristine look over time. Such lasting results are a significant reason why many property owners trust Rhino Shield for their protection needs.


Rhino Shield’s Loyal Dealers and Growth

Rhino Shield's success doesn't just lie in its product but also in its network of dealers. Many dealers have stayed loyal to Rhino Shield for over two decades. Despite having other options available, they continue to choose Rhino Shield as their primary product supplier. This loyalty is a testament to the quality and reliability of Rhino Shield.


Our business continues to grow and experienced rapid growth in 2022, which further underscores our escalating appeal and success in the market. Altogether, Rhino Shield experienced a 40% growth rate.


How Is Rhino Shield Applied?

The best product in the world won't perform as expected if not applied correctly. Rhino Shield recognizes this, and this is why we do not sell our product for DIY use. Additionally, we are highly selective about the dealers who can purchase our product, ensuring that they are experienced and have a good track record. Proper application is key to ensuring that Rhino Shield lives up to its promises.


This application process encompasses:


Inspection and Repairs: Before we begin, a thorough inspection is conducted, identifying any issues such as water damage, cracks, or moisture levels that need attention. The extent of these repairs can influence the overall project cost.


Patching: Every detail matters, and that includes meticulously addressing nail holes and face cracks to guarantee a smooth and impeccable surface. Over time, patches may develop due to uneven paint absorption or chips on your siding. In such cases, we can apply multiple layers of primer to eliminate these imperfections.


Masking: We take care to tape off any areas that you wish to protect from the painting process.


Trenching: For added protection, we dig a 4-to 6-inch-deep trench around the foundation of your home, where we apply our primer and topcoat. This critical step guards against issues such as algae growth, water wicking up your walls, and potential fungal decay below ground level. Preventing moisture from infiltrating beneath the exterior paint is crucial to preserving the integrity of your home.


Making Necessary Repairs: Prior to painting, it's essential to address any rotten or loose siding to ensure a seamless finish. If replacement siding materials are required, we offer this service. Additionally, we replace trim around windows and perform any necessary recaulking.


Scraping and Sanding: During the preparation process, we implement protective measures to shield your landscaping. This includes misting plant leaves and laying fabric drop cloths on the lawn to prevent damage from debris during the sanding process. Our team employs appropriate safety equipment, such as masks and respirators, to ensure the safe and effective sanding of your siding.


Pressure Washing: A pristine canvas is essential for a top-quality result. To achieve this, we meticulously pressure wash your property, eliminating any dirt or debris from your siding's surface.


Priming: If you plan to change your home's color, a critical step is applying an appropriate layer of primer. We carefully select and apply the right amount of primer, tailored to whether you're transitioning to a darker or lighter shade.


Caulking: Following thorough cleaning and priming, we expertly caulk gaps around window frames, door frames, molding, and fascia boards. We also offer an additional service to remove old caulk and residue as needed.


Cleaning: At the conclusion of each workday, our commitment to cleanliness shines through. We ensure a tidy workspace by clearing all equipment and materials, leaving your property as pristine as we found it, albeit now adorned with a fresh coat of Rhino Shield on your exterior surfaces.


Rhino Shield has Long-Term Flexibility

Rhino Shield's elastomeric resin ensures long-term flexibility. This means that as your house expands and dealers with the earth's movement and weather changes, the coating will move with it without cracking or peeling. Many elastomeric coatings may start losing their flexibility after prolonged sun exposure, but Rhino Shield's resistance to harsh weather and UV reflection ensures it maintains its flexibility over an extended period.


Rhino Shield Primers provide Super Adhesion and Water Resistance

Rhino Shield doesn't just focus on the topcoat but also emphasizes the importance of primers. Our primer acts as a penetrant, seeping into the material and bonding with it, sealing up pores, and preventing water from damaging the material. This is especially valuable for wood, which is prone to rot when exposed to moisture.


The primer is a super adhesive, ensuring that the topcoat stays attached in any condition with proper application. Rhino Shield offers a range of primers designed to optimally bond with various substrate types and climatic conditions.



Rhino Shield's success and efficacy are rooted in our commitment to quality, durability, and innovation. We boast:

  • A 25-year track record.
  • Benefits that go above and beyond regular paint.
  • Transparent testing.
  • Dealers who have stuck with us for close to two decades.
  • A coating system that utilizes a special primer which enhances adhesion exponentially.
  • Exceptional flexibility
  • Unique technology like ceramic microspheres.


It's clear that Rhino Shield is more than just a coating; it's a comprehensive system designed to protect and enhance your property. Whether you are looking for long-lasting protection, energy efficiency, or a wide variety of colors, Rhino Shield delivers on our promises.


If you are interested in getting an estimated price for your home or business, scroll down to get a free, no-obligation quote. For more information on the cost of Rhino Shield in general, here’s an article where we covered that.