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Is Rhino Shield Available in Stores and Online?

January 29th, 2024 | 4 min. read

By admin

When it comes to protecting your home's exterior, proper preparation, application, and choice of coating are the factors that make or break your paint’s durability and longevity.


We at Rhino Shield have dealerships across the nation that are internationally trained to apply our coatings, which is warranted to last at least 25 years. To ensure the longevity of our unique product, we have a specialized approach to our application process.


We often get asked, “Do we sell Rhino Shield in retail stores and online?” and “Can I order Rhino Shield for my painting business?” In this article, we’ll answer these questions honestly and give you a transparent look at our distribution philosophy. We’ll also delve into our meticulous preparation and application process that sets Rhino Shield apart from traditional painting businesses.


Can I Buy Rhino Shield Paint?

At Rhino Shield, we do not sell our coatings in retail stores or online. Nor do we sell to painters that haven’t been trained by us.


While our model may seem counterintuitive from a profit-maximizing perspective, our company emphasizes the importance of professional application. Every day, we at Rhino Shield receive inquiries about the availability of our products for retail purchase, and our response is always the same—we do not sell Rhino Shield retail or online.


Our company's stance stems from a commitment to ensuring the longevity and effectiveness of our products. At Rhino Shield, we firmly believe that the best chance for success lies in having trained and certified professionals handle the preparation and application of our coatings. This approach is underpinned by the understanding that the proper application of our special coating requires:

  • The right equipment, including high-volume airless spray rigs.
  • Mandated spread rates and mil thickness requirements.
  • Meticulous preparation work.
  • Specific primers based on the substrate, climate, and prior coatings.


Why the Certified-Only Approach?

Like most building trades, the best jobs are a combination of skilled labor and the best products. Rhino Shield's decision to entrust our product only to certified dealers is grounded in the belief that proper preparation and application are pivotal to our paint's long-lasting performance.


We assert that consistent quality is only achievable when applied by a professional team that specializes in our unique exterior coating. All of our Rhino Shield applicators take pride in being a Rhino Shield specialist.


Thicker Coating, Lasting Protection

Unlike conventional paints, Rhino Shield is engineered to be applied at a thickness of 8-10 times that of regular paint. This thickness is crucial for the durability of the coating. Spraying the product, as opposed to brushing or rolling it on, is essential to achieve the desired thickness and ensure consistency across the entire substrate.


Rhino Shield's commitment to thickness goes beyond mere protection. This thicker coating does not compromise the look and feel of the material that makes up your home's exterior. For example, if you have wood siding, the wood will retain its wooden look and feel after application.


The unique engineering of Rhino Shield allows it to be applied thickly without running down the walls. We provide a protective shield while maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the property.


Our Approach to Product Usage

Rhino Shield employs a comprehensive process when determining the amount of product needed for each job. The job estimators will:

  • Measure the home.
  • Take pre-job pictures.
  • Calculate material requirements to adequately coat the building, which ensures proper mil thickness.


After the job is done, any additional coating that may be left over is kept by the property owner. This way, if a touch-up or repairs are necessary in the future, the touch-up material is from the same manufacturing batch and will match up exactly. We never keep any of our product that is left over.


In contrast, many painters try to stretch the paint and sometimes even thin it to reduce their cost and make more money. We’ve heard many horror stories that customers have told us about competitors. Recently, a prospective customer told us about the previous painters who painted his relatively small house and left two buckets unopened, not using all the paint they were issued for the job.


Why Do Painters Water Down Their Paint?

Traditional latex paints that many painters use can be as much as 60% water. This means that no matter how much product you use, only 40% of it remains after it completely dries due to evaporation. Because 60% of the product evaporates into the atmosphere, this affects the durability and longevity of your coating.


Rhino Shield is comprised of 79% solids, which means that most of our product stays on your home after it dries.


Additionally, we often hear cases of contractors watering down paint because it makes it easier to apply and allows them to use less product to get the job done. The result is even fewer solids remaining on your home.


At Rhino Shield, we have clear rules and guidelines barring our dealers from ever watering down our product, or not using enough of it. Along with that, our dealers are trained to know the nuances of painting every different type of exterior surface. We’ll list some of them below:


Wood: May involve extensive prep work, including paint removal, sanding, and priming.


Brick: It is important to seal so that the mortar is protected.


Cement board siding: A popular alternative to wood. However, it absorbs much more heat than wood. This makes Rhino Shield a perfect coating for it, as its UV reflectivity will keep your wall cooler.


Stucco: Whether you have real or synthetic stucco, Rhino Shield specializes in protecting it, sealing out water and cracks, and preventing future cracks.


Vinyl: With proper preparation, Rhino Shield is a good choice.


Aluminum: While it requires periodic repainting, it uses less paint than wood.


Exterior concrete: Requires more primer and paint compared to other siding materials.


The Benefits of Rhino Shield

Rhino Shield's coating offers a range of protective characteristics that set it apart from typical retail paints. These characteristics include:



Our decision not to sell Rhino Shield in stores or online is a strategic choice aimed at upholding the quality and longevity of our product. By exclusively partnering with certified dealers, we ensure quality control and have confidence that our protective coating is applied with the precision and expertise required for optimal performance.


This commitment to making and constantly upgrading our paint, followed by our quality over quantity philosophy, further solidifies Rhino Shield's position as a leader in exterior coatings. While the accessibility of Rhino Shield products may be limited to certified dealers, the assurance of a lasting and protective coating makes it a worthwhile investment if you seek a premium solution for your home or business.


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