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The Impact of Rhino Shield on Property Value: An In-Depth Analysis

January 3rd, 2024 | 4 min. read

By admin

In today's fast-paced world, where time is a precious commodity, people are increasingly seeking low-maintenance solutions to enhance their property's value and curb appeal. The constant need for repainting every few years is a significant hassle.


This often leads customers to ask us at Rhino Shield, “Is Rhino Shield really a product built to last?” and “How does it affect my home’s market value?”


We’re here to answer both questions as openly as possible so that you can know if our product is the right fit for your home improvement plans.


How Long Does Rhino Shield Last?

Warranties are essential when investing in your home, as they provide assurance of the product's longevity and performance. Your home is a significant investment, and everything you put into it should also be considered an investment.


Rhino Shield stands behind its product with a 25-year transferable, non-prorated warranty. ‘Transferable’ means that the warranty can be passed on to subsequent owners, potentially increasing the resale value of your property. ‘Non-prorated’ means that the warranty coverage remains at 100% over its entire duration.


Rhino Shield Enhances Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is the first impression your home makes on potential buyers or neighbors. Everyone wants a house that exudes a feeling that their owner cares about it. Rhino Shield can significantly increase the curb appeal of your property by:

  • A ceramic, elastomeric coating that moves with the substrate, keeping cracks that appear from being seen on the surface.
  • Since Rhino Shield’s primer coat seeps in and bonds with your home’s material, chipping and peeling shouldn’t be a concern. Rhino Shield is also composed of more solids than a typical paint, making it thick and durable.
  • Our product offers a thick and rich finish that comes in an almost limitless array of colors. We offer over 700 standard colors and can customize or color match. Rhino Shield even has a color chart that specializes in Victorian home color combinations.
  • Rhino Shields water repellant technology reduces the buildup of bio-growth and dirt accumulation, helping your home maintain a clean and attractive appearance over the years.
  • Trapped water and condensation in non-permeable coatings are the leading causes of coating failure (flaking and peeling) and contribute to mold and mildew growth. Rhino Shield is extremely breathable, alleviating this concern.
  • Despite being much thicker than any water-based paint, Rhino Shield will not alter the look and texture of your home’s exterior. Any material will still retain its aesthetic and feel.


Rhino Shield's ability to maintain its original appearance for many years ensures that your home remains attractive, a crucial factor in property value.



Does Rhino Shield Increase Home Value?

The benefits of Rhino Shield have garnered acclaim in the real estate market. Many realtors now include it as a prominent feature of homes in their listings. This demonstrates that Rhino Shield is more than just paint; it's a comprehensive system that protects your property's exterior, increases curb appeal, and saves you time and money.


In 2023, HomeLight released an article based on information from their Top Agents Insight Report that demonstrated, on average, a fresh coat of paint will increase your home’s resale value by a significant margin, with the average ROI (Return On Investment) being 152%.


While Rhino Shield is more expensive than most exterior paints, it also provides many more benefits, which means the market value will be greater than if you applied a typical water-based paint.


It should be noted that Rhino Shield’s effect on property value will vary from realtor to realtor. If other amenities and ornaments around your home are in poor condition, or if there are issues with the home itself, this might impact the effect Rhino Shield can have on increasing your selling price.


Location and state of the housing market also play a role in determining the value increase Rhino Shield provides.


In some cases, it might not be worth the price and time to install Rhino Shield to prepare it for being sold. It’s important to ask realtors about the value increase before you decide to Rhino Shield your home.


How Do You Clean Rhino Shield?

People value their time, and the need to repaint a house every five years can be a significant inconvenience. Rhino Shield addresses this concern by offering a solution that is:

  • Long lasting
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable


Unlike traditional paint, Rhino Shield is resistant to bio-growth and dirt accumulation. A simple light wash with a garden hose once a year is typically all that's required to keep your exterior looking pristine. This means homeowners can avoid the hassle and cost of professional power washing, which will usually be anywhere between $400 and $600


Simplified Home Buying and Selling

Homebuyers often avoid properties that require multiple post-purchase projects, as these not only incur additional expenses but also consume valuable time and effort. This principle also applies to homeowners looking to sell their properties.


Selling a house with fading and chipped paint can significantly reduce its market value. Rhino Shield offers homeowners a convenient solution by eliminating the need for frequent repainting, allowing them to focus on optimizing their property's selling price without the added hassle of exterior maintenance.


Folks like warranties when they buy a home because it assures them that their investment is secure. For example, along with a roof or an A/C warranty, our 25-year warranty is one more highly beneficial asset you can offer that goes a long way in enhancing buyer security. The more warranties you have on appliances in the home, the better.


Can Rhino Shield Save You Money?

Rhino Shield's impact on property value extends to energy efficiency. The product is designed to be UV reflective, which means it repels heat instead of absorbing it.


In California, it has even been designated as a "cool wall" product, indicating its ability to keep exterior walls cooler than your average paint in warm environments.


By preventing excess heat from entering the home, Rhino Shield contributes to energy efficiency, potentially reducing air conditioning costs and overall energy expenses. This eco-friendly feature is not only attractive if you are an environmentally conscious homeowner, but it also adds to the property's overall value.


Rhino Shield has a profound impact on property value by providing homeowners with a low-maintenance, long-lasting, and attractive exterior coating solution. It enhances property value by:

  • Being resistant to bio-growth and dirt.
  • Has a beyond exceptional warranty.
  • Equipped with energy-efficient UV reflective properties.
  • Comes in any color of your choice.
  • Thick and durable but will still retain the texture of your home’s exterior material.
  • Will save an owner time and money in the long run.
  • Can boost market value by thousands of dollars.


Remember, Rhino Shield’s impact on market value will depend on these factors:

  • The real estate business you are working with.
  • The overall condition of the home and yard.
  • Housing market health.


If you have questions about pricing, check out our article on that topic here. You can also scroll down to get a no-obligation, free quote.


If you want to know if there’s a Rhino Shield dealer in your area, find out by clicking the "Find A Dealer Online" option below.