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The Ultimate Rhino Shield Review: Real Customer Experiences

January 3rd, 2024 | 4 min. read

By admin

In the world of home improvement, finding paint that stands the test of time is difficult. At Rhino Shield, our exterior coating system is renowned for its durability and longevity and has garnered praise from satisfied customers across the nation.


This may lead you to ask, “Does Rhino Shield really last longer than most paints?” and “What are some examples from real customers that have had Rhino Shield for a long time?”


In 2022, we spoke to several individuals who have experienced the benefits of Rhino Shield firsthand, and their stories paint a vivid picture of a product that lives up to our promises.


Rick Krall - Detroit, Michigan (20 Years of Protection):


Rick Krall, a resident of Detroit, Michigan, entrusted Rhino Shield to protect his home 20 years ago as of today. The house built in 1999 still looks pristine today with the help of Rhino Shield.


“Maintaining a nice house says a lot about who we are, who we want to be” Rick conveys in his testimonial. “The paint has never faded, never lost its appeal.”


Rick goes on to recall seeing neighbors get their houses painted 3 or 4 times while he’s had Rhino Shield on his home, and he hasn’t had to do the same. For homeowners looking to invest in a home they want to live in for the foreseeable future, Rick sees Rhino Shield as a financial no-brainer.


Despite the harsh temperature fluctuations in Detroit, from scorching summers to freezing winters, Rick's Rhino Shield-coated house remains in pristine condition.


Rick marvels at the fact that Rhino Shield's thickness (8–10 times thicker than regular paint) doesn't alter the visual appeal of his wood house, a crucial aspect of maintaining its identity in the neighborhood.


Terrie L. - Atlanta, Georgia (16 Years of Lasting Beauty):


Terrie L. of Atlanta, Georgia has been living in the same home for 30 years. She had Rhino Shield installed on her home 16 years ago. Terrie expresses her joy and amazement that the paint on her home’s exterior, even over a decade later, can still look like it was freshly put on.


“The house is getting older,” Terrie comments in her testimonial. “There’s a lot of things that need attention, and to have one of those things off our list is great.”


In this quote, Terrie is referring to our 100% transferrable, non-prorated warranty of 25 years. We guarantee our product to last for far longer than the standard 5 – 7 years of regular paint.


Terrie's yellow-colored home has retained its vibrancy without any signs of deterioration. The enduring beauty of her home's exterior has even led neighbors to inquire whether she recently had it painted.


“Some neighbors came by and said, ‘Did you just have your house painted’?” Terrie recalls. “I responded that I hadn’t. I just went with Rhino Shield.”


Art and Maria Carinci - Detroit, Michigan (How Rhino Shield Blew Away a Skeptic):


Art and Maria Carinci, also residents of Detroit, Michigan, installed Rhino Shield on their home 16 years ago. “Our home is the biggest investment we’ll ever make,” Art comments. “You want to protect your investment.”


Art goes on to say he couldn’t believe it was going to last for as long as we promise even after it was installed, but after 16 years, he’s a believer.


Art describes his feelings on the product as it being a paint, but not entirely a paint, which is consistent with what Rhino Shield is. It’s more than a paint. Our product is an exterior coating system. This system does all the following:

  • Protects the look of your home from the elements (sun, water, dirt, fungus, mold, and algae).
  • Is a cool-wall product that will lower your energy costs.
  • Is eco-friendly.
  • Will stay looking great for many years.


Maria made sure to do her research before they painted with Rhino Shield. During her time reading, she saw many people saying good things about the product. So, she and Art called up a Rhino Shield dealer, got a quote, and had it installed.


“The product holds up as they say it does,” Art comments. “That’s very important to us,” Maria adds to emphasize the acquired trust they have in Rhino Shield because of their experience.


Richard Forti - Boston, Massachusetts (14 Years of Coastal Endurance):


Richard Forti of Boston, Massachusetts has had the same coat of Rhino Shield for 14 years. “I have neighbors that will paint one side of their house each year,” Richard comments when explaining the severity of the coastal wind and rain his neighborhood can get.


“These are harsh conditions. The salty air is nasty. It does a number on so many things. Anything that would keep my house looking good for longer in these conditions made perfect sense to me.”


Richard is a professional architect with many years of experience, and he expresses excitement about the advanced technology behind Rhino Shield, acknowledging that it goes beyond traditional paint.


His decision to choose Rhino Shield was driven by a desire to protect his home from the elements and extend its aesthetic appeal in the face of harsh coastal conditions, and he’s happy he got just that.


Rhino Shield’s 25-year Warranty

Rhino Shield provides a 25-year warranty that covers all of the below:

  • Cracking
  • Chipping
  • Peeling


Once your installation is finished and the final payment is made, your local dealer will provide you with a written copy of the warranty.


If you ever plan to sell your home, this warranty is transferable to a subsequent homeowner, following the outlined transfer procedures.


Unlike other paint products, our warranty is non-prorated, meaning the coverage does not deteriorate with the coating's age. We stand behind our promise of longevity.


In the event of a legitimate warranty claim, to address and resolve the issue, your initially contracted dealer will offer service labor, adhering to the labor terms specified in your warranty. Rhino Shield, the product manufacturer, will supply replacement products either through the local dealer or directly if required.


Get A Free Quote

We hope these real customer experiences with Rhino Shield paint a compelling narrative of a product that not only lives up to our promises but exceeds expectations.


Follow this link to hear these same customers in video format.


From the extreme temperatures of Detroit to the coastal challenges of Boston, Rhino Shield has proven its worth, providing homeowners with a long-lasting and reliable solution for exterior protection across the nation.


Rhino Shield will always stay committed to keeping our promises of:

  • Durability
  • Longevity
  • customer satisfaction


If you seek a lasting investment in the preservation of your home, consider scrolling down for a free, no-obligation quote.