What is Exterior Elastomeric Paint?

Have you ever noticed how a fresh coat of paint can transform a house or business, making it look brand new overnight? But then, as months pass, you start seeing cracks, chips, and peeling, turning that once vibrant exterior into a sorry sight. It's frustrating, isn't it? You're not alone in this. Many homeowners and business owners face the same problem, asking questions like "Why does my exterior paint never last?" or "How can I stop paint from cracking and peeling on my building?" If these concerns sound familiar, it's because they are common issues that need a modern solution.


At Rhino Shield, we understand how disheartening it can be to see your investment deteriorate. We've spent 25 years mastering a solution that not only addresses these concerns but also revolutionizes the way you think about exterior paint. Enter elastomeric paint - the stretchy, durable, and flexible hero your building needs. And we're here to guide you through everything you need to know about it, ensuring that by the end of this article, you'll know if an elastomeric paint is right for you and your home.


What is Elastomeric Paint?

To put it simply, elastomeric paint is like the superhero of paints. Imagine a rubber band - you can stretch it up to 495% its original size, and it still bounces back without any damage. Elastomeric paint works similarly on your building's exterior. It can stretch and move as your building settles and reacts to weather changes, resisting cracks and chips that traditional paints fall victim to. This paint isn't just flexible; it's durable, making frequent repaints a thing of the past.


The Importance of Flexibility in Exterior Coatings

Buildings, much like the materials they're made of, expand and contract with temperature changes. Rigid coatings crack under this pressure, leading to an unsightly exterior. Elastomeric paint, with its remarkable flexibility, bridges hairline cracks and prevents new ones from marring your building's exterior. This means not only does your property look pristine, but you also save money in the long run by avoiding constant touch-ups and repaints.


Choosing the Right Elastomeric Paint

While the market is flooded with paints claiming to be the best, not all elastomeric paints are created equal. A truly effective elastomeric paint requires a thick, rich formula, something many off-the-shelf options lack. At Rhino Shield, our paint is engineered from the molecular level to remain flexible and resilient, leveraging a unique blend of acrylics and binders designed to withstand the elements - from scorching sun to biting cold.


Not All Elastomerics Are Equal

Remember, a paint that calls itself "elastomeric" isn't enough. Many manufacturers cut corners, offering products that lose their elasticity and protective capabilities within months. Rhino Shield's elastomeric paint is the result of decades of innovation, proven to maintain its flexibility and protective properties year after year, confirmed by rigorous third-party testing.


In these tests, our elastomeric paint stretches up to 495%, far surpassing the industry standard for elasticity. But it's not just about stretching; it's about returning to form, protecting your investment against the wear and tear that time and weather inflict. Our commitment to quality and innovation means we continually improve our formulas, ensuring that Rhino Shield remains the premier choice for those who demand the best for their properties.


The Unseen Benefits of Elastomeric Paint

While the elasticity and durability of elastomeric paint are clear, the benefits don't stop there. This type of paint offers unmatched protection against moisture, one of the biggest enemies of building exteriors. By forming a waterproof barrier, elastomeric paint prevents water seepage, which can lead to mold, mildew, and structural damage over time. This is especially critical in areas prone to heavy rain or humidity, where traditional paints falter.


Energy Efficiency: A Hidden Advantage

An often-overlooked advantage of elastomeric paint is its potential to enhance energy efficiency. The thickness and reflective properties of high-quality elastomeric coatings, like those used by Rhino Shield, can help keep buildings cooler in hot weather by reflecting sunlight away from the surface. This means not only do you get a building that looks great and lasts longer, but you could also enjoy savings on your energy bills—a win-win situation for any property owner.


Addressing Common Concerns

Many homeowners and business owners have questions and reservations when considering new solutions. Let's address some of the most common ones:


"Will elastomeric paint work on my building?" Elastomeric paint is versatile and can be applied to a wide range of surfaces, including wood, stucco, brick, and concrete. Its flexible nature makes it ideal for both new constructions and older buildings in need of a facelift.


"Is it more expensive than regular paint?" While the initial cost may be higher, the long-term savings are significant. Traditional paints require frequent touch-ups and repainting, costs that quickly add up over time. Elastomeric paint, with its extended lifespan and reduced maintenance needs, offers substantial savings in the long run.


"How do I know if elastomeric paint is right for my property?" If you you live in a region that gets really hot in the summer and really cold in the winter, you’ll want elastomeric paint. The temperature fluctuations will cause your home to expand and contract, leading cracks forming in more rigid paint. If you don’t care about the length of time your paint maintains its visual integrity and are fine with repainting more often, then you can save some money by going with a non-elastomeric.


The best way to determine this is to consult with experts who understand your local climate and building needs. At Rhino Shield, we offer consultations to help you make an informed decision, ensuring that our solution is tailored to your specific situation.


Why Choose Rhino Shield?

Choosing the right elastomeric paint is crucial, and not all products are created equal. Rhino Shield sets itself apart not only with its superior elasticity and durability but also with its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Our paint formulations are the result of extensive research and development, designed to offer the best protection for your property.


Again, if the higher initial cost is not worth it, or you live in an area that doesn’t have fluctuating temperatures or severe weather, an elastomeric paint like Rhino Shield may not be for you.


The Rhino Shield Difference

Unmatched Durability: Our elastomeric paint is engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions, from blistering heat to freezing cold, without cracking, chipping, or peeling.


Advanced Technology: Rhino Shield's unique blend of binders and resins ensures flexibility and durability, proven in independent lab tests to stretch up to 495%.


Eco-Friendly: We are committed to sustainability. Our paint is low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds), making it a safer choice for the environment and your family.


Expert Application: Our trained professionals ensure that every application meets our high standards, providing a flawless finish that lasts for years.


Conclusion: A Wise Investment for the Future

Investing in an elastomeric paint is more than just a decision to repaint your home or business. It's a choice to protect your property, save on future maintenance costs, and enhance its aesthetic appeal and value. You can navigate to our Comprehensive Guide to Rhino Shield article here. Our coating has many more advantages besides its elastomeric properties. However, we know it’s not for everyone. Check out that piece to see if it’s right for you!


If you’d like a free, no-obligation quote for Rhino Shield’s elastomeric coating, scroll down.