Elastomeric Primer - The First Part Of The Ultimate Breathable Exterior Paint System

Elastomeric Primer

Just like in any other exterior painting project, our Rhino Shield products require high-quality primers to ensure you get the longest-lasting coatings and benefits. That's why we've designed our self priming coat to be the absolute best you can get. This self priming coat is a highly breathable ceramic acrylic elastomeric primer that offers water resistance, high breathability, excellent coverage, and superior adhesion to surfaces of all kinds before exterior painting is performed. Formulated with a blend of top-grade resins and ceramic microspheres, the self priming coat offers insulation and noise reduction benefits. Used in conjunction with our Protective Finish Coat ceramic topcoat, this durable primer is easy to apply and may be tinted to assist with color changes and provide some extra appeal.

Uses & More

Rhino Shield's self priming coat is designed to be used under our Protective Finish Coat (PFC), creating the ultimate breathable elastomeric system. This product is a "go-to" primer for wood surfaces experiencing large swings in climate and high humidity. Our self priming coat may also be used on walls and trim over various surfaces including exterior primed wood, concrete, brick, masonry, stucco, and primed metal.