Elastomeric Coatings For Railing & Columns

Railings And Columns Elastomeric

Rhino Shield's Elastomeric Coatings For Railing & Columns is the exterior solution you need for the details of your outdoor living areas. We've designed and developed a high-build coating specifically with wood decks and railings in mind. Safeguard and beautify your railings and columns with restorative materials that provide long-term weathering protection.

Our Elastomeric Coatings For Railing & Columns have been extensively put to the test to ensure their ability to weather the most extreme conditions and the harshest of the elements, and that's not all!

  • Repels Moisture
  • Superior Abrasion Resistance
  • Penetrates Wood Surfaces
  • Superior Flexibility - Ability to Expand and Contract
  • Exceptional Water Repellency
  • Helps Prevent Wood Rot and Decay

Our coatings for railings and columns also help consumers avoid deck replacement by sealing existing cracks and splinters to improve the overall condition and extend longevity. The best part is there's still plenty of ability to tint the color to the customer's preference, so no one has to settle when it comes to attractive visual aesthetics.

New Or Old: Wood Columns And Rails Will Be Beautified & Protected

Another great benefit of Rhino Shield's Elastomeric Coatings For Railing & Columns is that it can be applied to new or old wood and over previously coated or stained surfaces, depending on the compatibility of the previous coatings. Improve your recently built deck or restore an existing structure that would otherwise require replacement because our layers are also ideal for filling and bridging cracks up to ¼ inch - larger cracks are also suitable with some preparation work.

Keep in mind that Rhino Shield reigns supreme when it comes to exterior coating solutions!

  • Superior to acrylic or latex paint alternatives
  • Breathable system for applicable materials
  • Perfect for extreme climates and conditions
  • Ideal for higher-risk wood surfaces
  • Strong adhesion

Of course, let's not ignore the fact that our protective coatings help promote longevity. When your railings and columns are well-protected, it means an extended lifespan and better support for your structures.

Choose The Product That Outperforms Every Time

You won't find a product with the self-priming and protective capabilities that our Elastomeric Coatings For Railing & Columns have. When you need a name that represents reliability, choose from the company that aims to overachieve with every new product - Rhino Shield.

Harsh weather climates, cracked wood, and higher-risk wood surfaces are no match for our team. Get all-around protection from our Elastomeric Coatings For Railing & Columns and guaranteed satisfaction.