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The Benefits of a Rhino Shield Dealership: An Entrepreneur’s Guide

January 3rd, 2024 | 8 min. read

By admin


Starting a business in the competitive world of home improvement is no easy task. It requires a unique product, a well-thought-out strategy, and a solid support system to thrive.


Here at Rhino Shield, we frequently get asked “What separates our dealership from similarly structured painting franchises?” and “What all do I need to get started with a Rhino Shield dealership?”


We’ll answer both of these questions honestly and give you a transparent guide on everything you need to know about Rhino Shield’s business side.


Strong Support System

In the exterior painting world, unique dealerships are few and far between. And when there is one, they don’t offer nearly the same support you would receive with Rhino Shield. If you look at our model on a scale with us in the middle, independent businesses on one end, and franchises on the other, we are as close to the franchise side as you can get. This is a testament to the level of support we provide you with.


With Rhino Shield, you have the benefit of more freedom to run your business the way you want. Additionally, there are no monthly payouts we require like franchise fees, which can run anywhere between 6 – 12% of your total revenue.


Sales Training

Our sales and marketing support includes providing all the materials you need to execute our marketing plan. Some of these things include:

  • Digital assets
  • Assets you can use in print
  • Trade show designs
  • Brochures
  • Radio commercials
  • Television commercials
  • Billboards


Rhino Shield offers all of this and more in our turnkey business model.


Product Training

We then teach you how to effectively sell with our patented process that we’ve honed over the years that’s proven to:

  • Deliver value.
  • Educate the homeowner.
  • Allows the customer to make the best decision for their home and budget.


Installation Training

Rhino Shield takes time and budget to go out in the field and train the crews of new dealers. And on the occasions we can’t assist in person, we are always open to taking phone calls. In fact, it is very common for our dealers to Facetime us mid-job to get our insight on an issue or help diagnose something that went wrong.


We have a level 2 certified NACE coatings inspector on staff who assesses damages and determines if our warranty applies. And if we need to bring in additional assets like an engineer or an envelope consultant, we’ve done it in the past and will always work with our dealerships to identify these needs.


Financial/Business Training for Your Dealership

Last but not least, Rhino Shield conducts financial training for all our dealers, which includes:

  • Setting up a chart of accounts.
  • Making your product and labor cost in range.
  • Tracking marketing spend.
  • Commission range.


From our more than two decades of experience, we know where these tolerances should be so that your dealership is profitable.


Turnkey Marketing Strategy

Unlike traditional dealerships that leave business owners to figure things out on their own, Rhino Shield provides a turnkey marketing strategy. We’ve partnered with vetted marketing experts to help dealers plan and execute their business's first year effectively.


Rhino Shield has 20+ years of success in the marketplace, so you can have confidence when you take our product to market. Included in our services are in-person, top-shelf installation training and sales training.


In any type of business, home improvement included, if you don’t have marketing leads, all your other assets don’t matter. It’s absolutely essential to have a well-rounded marketing strategy. No matter how good your product or your application process is, without customers, you have no business. Reaching potential customers is the most important part of running a painting dealership.


For example, if you want to make $1 million in your first year of running, you’ll need to spend about $200,000 on marketing alone. Keep in mind that not all of this is upfront cash, but reinvested revenue earned from jobs. Accruing working capital is essential. If you spend properly, gross margins should be in the 55 – 60% range.


In 2022, we profiled two new dealerships, one set up in the Midwest and the other in Florida. They each set a goal of $1 million in their first year. The Midwest dealership ended up doing about $1.1 million and Florida’s reached $1.6 million. They budgeted accordingly too, making sure to spend about $200,000 on advertising.


Click here to navigate to our dealer page.


Rhino Shield provides comprehensive marketing training to our dealers, covering all types of advertising, and even traditional advertising methods like:

  • Radio
  • Television
  • Home magazines
  • Print ads
  • Yard signs.


Rhino Shield encourages our dealers to emphasize three key elements in their marketing efforts:


  1. National Network: Highlighting Rhino Shield as a national, U.S.-manufactured, and veteran-owned business that has stood behind its product for 25 years.
  2. Dealer Stories: Showcasing the experience and commitment of local dealers, emphasizing their expertise and longevity in the home improvement industry.
  3. Product Benefits: Emphasizing the product's unique features.


We want to tell stories like this:

Mark and Sharyl in Brighton Michigan have been in business with us for 16 years. Mark has 30 years of home improvement experience. They are a family-run business.


There are more great examples from our customer testimonial page here.


Exclusive Territories

Rhino Shield is committed to providing exclusive territories for our dealers. This exclusivity ensures that you do not have to worry about competing with another dealer, allowing you to focus on building your businesses without unnecessary rivalry.


However, this privilege comes with responsibilities, such as maintaining a good reputation and adhering to the standards set by the Better Business Bureau.


We also set minimum purchase requirements for our product. This approach ensures that dealers are committed to the success of their business and the promotion of the Rhino Shield brand.


Close-Knit Family of Dealerships

To foster a sense of community among our dealerships, Rhino Shield goes the extra mile by working closely with them, including:

  • Conducting ride-a-longs
  • Participating in home shows
  • Offering a supportive network that spans the nation.


These opportunities allow our dealers to share insights and provide feedback on product improvements, creating a collaborative environment that benefits everyone involved.


Unique Product with Superior Performance

Rhino Shield is truly a product that distinguishes itself from the rest. It’s a system that is built to last, unlike the big manufacturers who want you in a cycle of purchasing their paint that won’t last so you’ll keep buying more.


The only comparable products to our brand are the ones used exclusively for commercial settings, and even then, when we test them against Rhino Shield in independent labs, our paint comes out winning on every measure that matters. You rarely get to go to market with a truly unique product, especially one that is superior by most measures in a competitive landscape.


Some attributes that make our product premium:

  • 25-year warranty
  • Class A fire rating.
  • Exceptional resistance to wind-driven rain exceeding 98 miles per hour. We surpass the ASTM standard.
  • Has UV reflectivity which will help your home stay cooler in the heat and save on energy costs.
  • It’s thick flexible, and breathable, which all help reduce cracking and peeling, especially from natural house settling. You can learn more here.


Below are some of our ASTM test results:





ASTM Laboratory


Solar Reflective Index

E 1980


Atlas Labs

Fire Rating (flame spread)

E 84-21a


Commercial Testing Company

Smoke Developed Index

E 84-21b


Commercial Testing Company


D 2370




D 1653 B

13.16 US perms (Fully Permeable)

2 lab average

Tensile Strength

D 2370

178 lb/in2


Algae Growth/3 Species

D 5590-17

No Growth

Micro Star Labs


D 5590-17

No Growth

Micro Star Labs

Tear Resistance

D 471

11.9 lbs


R Value Equivalent

Ft2 • °F • h


PE no 64095

Wind Driven Rain

D 6904-03



Water Swelling

D 471

17.1% (Pass)

Ace Laboratories

After Accelerated Weathering Chamber:

Cracking and Checking





D 2370


Tensile Strength

D 2370



Rhino Shield Customers

Knowing the types of customers most likely to buy a Rhino Shield installation is essential for marketing to people who will close with you. We see Rhino Shield customers as a niche group that are more discerning than your average customers.


Rhino Shield is for people who see their homes as a great investment and want to help make that investment worth more. We have data that shows the informational articles on our website’s learning center have visitors stay 3 – 4x longer than other pages, which leads us to believe they are educated before getting in contact with us.


We have customers who have bought Rhino Shield, sold their house, and then contacted us again to put Rhino Shield on their new home. That level of trust is what we seek in our business model. How long we’ve been in the painting market is a testament to our process, dealer expertise, and the quality of our product.


Referrals by customers are one of the highest closing percentages of advertising, so we implemented a referral program. After a while, you’ll build brand awareness in your area, making it progressively easier to catch leads and close them successfully.


Check out our customer testimonials here.


Who's the Right Fit for Rhino Shield?

Rhino Shield is looking for dealers who are committed to their marketing model and willing to collaborate with fellow dealers.


The #1 kind of dealers that are not right for us are people who won’t follow our marketing plan. We’ve had dealerships in the past fail because they either wanted to save money or go their own route. Our model is proven to work, and if you want to abandon our marketing approach, you’re probably not a good fit.


There are many ways to display your unique talent and experiences in the marketplace, and our dealership model allows for freedom like that. However, at the end of the day, we want our dealers to be successful. There is no better chance of success than going with a marketing strategy that is proven to be effective from over two decades of continuous growth.


We appreciate new advertising ideas and even encourage them, but that’s only if you are going with our proven marketing plan first and foremost.


Another type of business owner who might not be a good fit for Rhino Shield is someone who won’t help and cooperate with other dealers in the nation.


For instance, if you encounter a lead that’s not in your local area but is in one of another dealership, simply contacting that dealership and relaying the information can go a long way. We strongly emphasize networking and being open to helping each other. We want team players who are a part of the Rhino Shield family because every Rhino Shield installation should be seen as a success that every dealer in the nation can take credit for.


Applicants should ideally have a minimum of five years of business experience and/or expertise in home improvement. Understanding your role as primarily a marketing position is crucial, as dealers aren’t the ones installing the paint, but the recruiter hiring painting crews.


Many painting contractors will take our jobs over others because the ticket is typically 2 and a half to 3 times greater than most other jobs, and they get paid by a percentage of the job. We have a superior product and application process. This means a Rhino Shield installation costs more for the buyer, which is how you can pay out more to your painters.


How Much Can I Make with A Rhino Shield Dealership? What’s the Startup Cost?

Gross margins for Rhino Shield dealers typically fall in the range of 55% to 60%, with net profit averaging between 15% and 20%. Established dealers often enjoy higher profits as they require less marketing spending due to brand recognition and reputation in their areas, while many new dealerships will be closer to 15%.


Compared to franchise opportunities, starting a Rhino Shield dealership is relatively affordable. The initial investment typically amounts to about $75,000. This includes:

  • $20,000 product and marketing deposit to secure your exclusivity and license the Rhino Shield brand. We also use this for the first year of website development that we create for you to ensure it’s both educational and lead-converting.
  • $15,000 goes to product credit. Essentially, you are prepaying $15,000 worth of our product that you’ll incrementally receive.
  • $35,000 - $40,000 toward initial marketing spend. You’ll want to invest $10,000 - $15,000 per month in the first 90 days. Then, shoot to invest 15 – 20% of working capital into marketing efforts.
  • Finally, purchasing the necessary tinting equipment will cost you somewhere between $15 – $20k.
  • Learn more here.
  • You can also check out another article we made that goes more in-depth on the cost of starting a painting business here.


Timeless Coatings, Rhino Shield Dealer for Michigan, Marc Mercier


Unlike franchises that charge franchise fees, Rhino Shield does not impose ongoing fees on its dealers.


Rhino Shield’s dealership model offers a unique opportunity in the home improvement industry, with:

  • Exclusive territories
  • Comprehensive installation and crew training
  • Robust marketing support
  • A superior product
  • No franchise fees
  • Complete sales training
  • Dealer and financial management guidance
  • Average Rhino Shield dealer does $1.5 million+ in annual revenues.


Check out this article covering real experience with one of our Rhino Shield dealers.


If you are interested in becoming a Rhino Shield authorized dealer or have any additional questions, you can navigate to the ‘Become a Dealer’ page on our website.