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The Ultimate Rhino Shield Dealership Review: Real Dealer Experiences

January 3rd, 2024 | 4 min. read

By admin

In the realm of home improvement, Rhino Shield has emerged as a pioneering force, providing homeowners with a unique and durable solution for exterior paint. Our dealership model provides dealers with a lucrative opportunity. Because of this, prospective dealers will ask us, “What are some examples of Rhino Shield Dealerships that are doing well?” and “How did they get started?”


To answer these questions, we spoke with Gary Zenobi, one of the owners of a Rhino Shield Dealership in Dallas, Texas. Gary's journey from sales in Rhino Shield of Cleveland to dealership ownership in Dallas provides valuable insights into the Rhino Shield business model, customer philosophy, and the innovative technology that sets our product apart from conventional exterior paint.


The Rhino Shield Dealership Community

Gary's transition from sales in Rhino Shield of Cleveland to dealership ownership in Dallas was characterized by a relatively smooth process. He credits this not only to the constant communication from the manufacturers but also to the collaborative spirit among existing Rhino Shield dealership owners across the nation.


Despite our vast geographical spread, Rhino Shield encourages its dealers to collaborate, fostering a supportive network among owners.


Gary worked in sales for over a year and then quickly got promoted to general manager, which he maintained for two years. During that time, he became very familiar with:

  • The Rhino Shield business model
  • Our philosophy on customer transparency
  • The technology that makes our product much more than just exterior paint.


Gary wanted to help not just help run Rhino Shield, but truly be immersed and a part of it by starting a dealership of his own. He always had the spirit of an entrepreneur and wanted to run a successful business of his own.


How to Market Rhino Shield

Rhino Shield of Dallas prioritized marketing initiatives to establish a strong local presence. Home shows became a focal point, providing a platform to demonstrate the application process and showcase the transformative effects of Rhino Shield.


Recognizing the challenge of conveying the uniqueness of our product through words alone, the team utilized various channels such as radio and TV commercials, a website, and home magazine ads. Shooting videos of ongoing projects for their website proved crucial in visually representing the installation process and completed projects.


Gary emphasized the meticulous application process, underscoring why Rhino Shield doesn't retail its product. The installation crews invest time in thorough prep work to ensure optimal application, otherwise, the coating will fail.


They looked at every avenue possible with potential leads to maximize their reach. “It takes a lot of time and effort for the word of mouth to get out there,” Gary mentions. “You’re going to have your bumps and bruises, especially initially. You just gotta be patient and keep trying to get exposure, even if the initial return on your investment isn’t what you hoped it would be.”


The return on marketing investments for Rhino Shield of Dallas has steadily improved, with sales doubling in the current year compared to the previous one.


Why You Should Have Active Advertising Efforts

Rhino Shield of Dallas has adopted proactive advertising strategies, such as distributing bi-folds and letters near completed job sites and reaching out to potential clients based on recent high-profile projects. This way, people see a local company doing good work for their neighbors, which makes them more intrigued to go with Rhino Shield for their exterior painting needs.


One notable example is their work on a country club, which served as a reference point for approaching other clubs in the Dallas area that might be interested in getting a new paint job that offers the same benefits. This is one effective advertising tactic that doesn’t cost money but will take time.


Last and most importantly, Gary stressed being up-front with the kind of product they are using. The Rhino Shield home-exterior coating isn’t just paint, it's a system that aids in:

  • The protection of your home or business from the elements.
  • Helps save on energy costs.
  • Lasts far longer than typical paint.


Rhino Shield’s Dealer Support and Communication

During the interview, Gary highlighted the exceptional support he received from Rhino Shield, particularly in communication. He expressed complete satisfaction with the responsiveness of the manufacturer to address any queries or concerns, emphasizing the importance of a strong support system in the success of a dealership.


Emphasis on Financing with Rhino Shield

Gary stressed how much he emphasizes the financing option to his customers. Since Rhino Shield costs more than typical paint, it makes our price a lot less daunting when you give customers the flexibility to pay over a period of time. This also gives them more confidence that our product is truly built to last like we advertise, especially since their financing plan goes all the way up to 20 years.


“Even if they don’t go with the financing option, it’s still a big plus to mention it,” Gary affirmed. “If the bank is willing to go 20 years on Rhino Shield, what does that tell you about how good our product is?” They checked us out and know it works. We’re proven. This is a big selling feature for the customers to hear, as it reassures them how good the product is.”


Gary recommends the financing option to every customer to maximize his close rate, and he believes it has helped him close multiple jobs that he otherwise would have never gotten.


Rhino Shield Veteran Discounts

At the tail end of the interview, Gary spoke about how he offers veteran discounts. He believes supporting the people who defend and have defended our country is very important. This is another reason why he often mentions to customers that Rhino Shield is veteran owned.


Jason Crawford, our managing partner, served 8 years as an Infantry Team Leader in the United States Army. During his time serving, Jason earned:

  • A Purple Heart
  • Commendation Metal x3
  • Combat Infantry Badge


This important detail about one of the heads of our operations is a quick way to connect with a big part of a community, as many people serve, have served, or have friends and family who serve.


Goals for 2024

Looking ahead to 2024, Rhino Shield of Dallas aims to increase appointments, capitalizing on their impressive 40% appointment-to-sale close rate. Embracing a more hands-on approach, they plan to engage directly with the community, building a bond that contributes to a positive reputation.


“We want to be the guys who will knock on doors and tell them about our product we just put on their neighbor’s house,” Gary said. “A lot of people like to keep up with their neighbors. They’ll drive by and look at the house and then talk about it with the neighbors when they see them again.”


Gary envisions becoming the go-to company that not only completes a job but also actively communicates with neighbors, fostering a sense of community and trust.


Summing Up Our Talk with Gary

The Rhino Shield Dealership experience, as exemplified by Gary Zenobi in Dallas, Texas, offers a compelling narrative of success. From strategic marketing initiatives and collaborative networking to a commitment to transparency and customer education, Rhino Shield of Dallas provides a blueprint for effective dealership management.


As they set ambitious goals for 2024, including increased community engagement and a focus on financing options, the Rhino Shield model continues to evolve, delivering not just a product but a comprehensive solution for homeowners seeking lasting protection and value.


To learn more about what you can expect from running a Rhino Shield dealership, check out this comprehensive guide.


If you’re interested in embarking on a similar journey with Rhino Shield, click here to navigate to our prospective dealer page.